About Me

Headshot stairsI love Jesus and knew that I would be in full-time ministry at the age of eleven, although I had no idea why God would want to use a Broken Girl like me. I’m a self-professed girly-girl who is convinced that coloring your hair is addictive and have an undying affection for refined sugar and red lipstick. I am a mother of two miracle babies and an out-of-box minister’s wife. Sometimes I’m a total wreck and over-share, but I’ve learned how to unpack my emotional baggage in the spotlight of leadership.

My ministry to broken girls took on a difference shape when in a place of leadership, I stopped hiding my brokenness, and decided to be brave and see what God wanted to do with it. Trading the lie of “I have it all together” for messy leadership that is vulnerable, real, and life changing. I hope that somehow we can share and unfold our stories to find healing and community together.

Represented by The Blythe Daniel Agency

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